Marmolada South Face Wingsuit Flight{

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Opis: 9 years after climbing it, I finally could fly next to it: The Marmolada Southface. Flying along climbing routes like "Vinnatzer-Messner", "Modern Times" or "The Fish" and even over "Don Quixote"! A dream come true... with Richi, 12.8.2021, 13:00...

Marmolada South Face Wingsuit Flight

- Shwedes???
- 4:04 the only part i can do
- I'm not afraid
- Wow Elytra😍
- how much meters you fall every second ? more or less :)
- interesting from Japan
- Absolutely breathtaking! Love the RAW footage without any bullshit! Wish I could experience that. Looks fucking unreal!
- eyes..cannot stop..btw very nice landing 👍👏👏👏👏
- Such a beautiful paradise!
- Omg scary but it’s worth ☺️ yolo
- 👏👏👏👏Big show
- This video was start-to-finish non-stop spectacular. Beautiful flight through gob-smacking gorgeous scenery!
- Phantastische Aufnahmen
- incredible flight
- poor nazis
- What a flight...and a really nice landing!
- Wonderful - spare a thought for the thousands of soldiers who died on that mountain and valley c.105 ago! How different from those peaceful blue skies and green grass, it must have been.
- 👨 Brasil👏
- The stoke is absolutely felt. Fantastic.
- Flying a drone over such terrain give me vertigo.